Wednesday, 3 October 2012

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

                  IT IS VERY USEFUL FOR 12TH CLASS :

                                                   HEALTHY DIETARY HABITS 

It is a matter of concern that the globalization of food industry and fast food culture have badly affected our food habits and our general health. food industry with a systematic campaign through deceptive advertisements has succeeded in replacing healthy diets by unhealthy junk food.  The multinationals like Macdonald  and KFC are in the business of selling pizzas , burgers and other food items which  are harmful to one's health in the long run . 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

                            HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY

                                   PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN

                                                             HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY

Sunday, 12 August 2012

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                                   wonderful cricketers

Saturday, 11 August 2012

                                        CHAK DE INDIA

                                        CHAK DE INDIA

                                     NEWS IIT PATTERN                                       


                              FOOTBALL   WORLD CUP'S EXTRAORDINARY MOMENTS
  •            The first world cup was played in 1930, in 1930 , in uruguay's estadio centenario stadium,
    On 13 july 1930 , just 19 minutes into the game, Lucien laurent of france scored  the  first world  cup goal .
  •                   The semifinal  match between west Germany and Frace in the 1982 fifa world cup to be                                 decided by a penalty shoot - out .The 1994 FIFA  world cup was the first world cup  final to be decided on penalties !

  •                         The 1970 tournament was the first world cup hosted in North  America  and the first    held outside south america and europe.

                                  ENJOY SOME JOKES : 

  'Boy on date in restaurant: Jaan tumse ek baat kehna chaahta hu, 

      Gf: Kya? 

   Bf: I m already having a gf? 

   Gf: OHhh.. shukrr.. Tumne to dara diya, Me samji tumhaare paas paise nahi hai..'   

   '  Sir,,, Pyar aur ishq main Kya farq hai 

         Student,,, Pyar wo jo ap apni beti se karte hain 

      Sir,, Shabash aur ishq ? 

          Student, Ishq wo jo main ap ki beti se Karta hun:'  

 '         Usne kaha Tum me pehle si baat nahiMene kahaInsan 
      hon koi science ki ejad nahiUsne kahaAb b kisi ki ankhon me 
          doob jate hoMene kahaPagl ho kiyaankhain hein koi 
       talaab nahiUsNe KahaQ Toot k Chaha tha Mujhe itnaMeNe KahaDimagh 
           se pedal tha jiska koi jawab nahiUsNe KahaKiya Me Bewafa HonMeNe 
      kahaTu itni dhokebaz ho jiska koi hisab nahiUs Ne kahaBhool 
              ja MujkoMeNe kahaAbey tu he kon? mujhe to ye b yaad nahi.:-' 


'Larki  boyfrnd ki qabr pr ro rahi thi.    

 Molvi Q roti ho 
  larki:bechara kiss mangte mangte mar gya.mgr mene kiss nhe di 
 molve Tm muje de do me parh k bakhsh dunga' 

'Signal pay 1 aurat ki car ruki to 
   1 fakir mangnay laga. 
   Aurat boli. 
 Tmhari shakl kuch jani pehchani lagti hy. 
  Fakir bola Madam v r friends on facebook :)